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Tiger's Jaw

Written by Reinhart Elboeck


Posted on January 31 2022

Tiger's Jaw (Faucaria Tigrina)

About Me!

Native to South Africa I am slow-growing, low-maintenance plant. My leaves are edged with pointy "teeth." I developed these teeth help me channel rainwater to the base of my roots to keep me hydrated! My spikes are more flexible then some other cacti spikes, so I won't injure any curious pets who decide to take a sniff. 

Other Names Shark Jaws
Country of Origin South Africa
Maintenance Level Low
Water Keep soil moist but not soaked, only water when top portion is fully dry. Try the "Soak and Dry" method.
Sunlight Full sun
Soil Well Draining Soil, mixture of cactus soil and sand
Temperature 65-90F
Planting Zone 9-11
Bloom Color