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Fall Planting Seed Bundle Variety Pack - Set of 11 Seed packets - Non-GMO Heirloom Locally Farmed - Set of over 4,000 seeds!!

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Set Contains:

1 - 781pk Purple Top White Globe *Heirloom* Turnip Seeds
1 - 783pk Seven Top *Heirloom* Turnip Seeds
1 - 654pk Cherry Belle *Heirloom* Radish Seeds
1 - 372pk Mesclun Mix *Heirloom* Lettuce Seeds
1 - 371pk Black Seeded Simpson *Heirloom* Lettuce Seeds
1 - 128pk Detroit Dark Red *Heirloom* Beet Seeds
1 - 226pk Morris Heading *Heirloom* Collard Seeds
1 - 675pk Dwarf Essex Rape Seeds
1 - 148pk Long Island Brussel Sprouts Seeds
1 - 65pk Early Thorogreen Bush Lima Bean Seeds
1 - 16pk Blue Lake Bush #274 Bean Seeds

Each seed variety comes individually packed, with planting instructions and information.

Our seeds are proudly Sourced and packaged LOCALLY here in the U.S.A!!