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Animal Kingdom - Volunteer Opportunity

Welcome to the Hand Picked Nursery "Animal Kingdom"! We currently have Ducks, Chickens, Rabbits, and coming soon, Turkeys, Goats, and Sheep. Even Emu's have been a thought! 

The work required for our little friends is growing. They don't require a lot of work daily, but weekly they do require clean outs of their living spaces. 

Our chickens and rabbits live in a ventilated greenhouse and our ducks live in their duck home down by our main ponds. Every week or so, we will do a deeper clean of their bedding and living spaces. 

Working with the animals is a great time, how could it not be! All of our animals are super friendly. This is fun opportunity to learn more about them and keep them happy and healthy. They can't wait to meet you!

Volunteer now!