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Black Spanish Grape Vine - 1 Bare Root Live Plant

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You will receive 1 Bare Root plant with a healthy root system.

Black Spanish is an older variety that is tolerant to Pierce’s disease (it can carry the disease and thus be a source of infection if insect vectors are present with no reduction in yield, but Black Spanish vines sold by Double A Vineyards are certified to be free of the disease). High in acid, color, and tannins, Black Spanish has a following in Texas where it is often used in the production of port.
If you are interested in planting Beta grapes in your garden, the first step is to select a location that receives plenty of sunlight and has good drainage. It is best to choose a spot that is sheltered from strong winds, as Beta grapes are not very tolerant of windy conditions. You should also make sure that the soil is well-drained and contains plenty of organic matter.

Black Spanish grapes are a unique variety of grape found in the United States. This dark-skinned grape has a rich, sweet flavor that is ideal for making wine, jams, and jellies. In addition, Black Spanish grapes are easy to grow and can thrive in a variety of climates. The following provides planting instructions for Black Spanish grapes, as well as tips for caring for the vines.

To begin planting Black Spanish grapes, select an area with full sun exposure and well-draining soil. Dig holes that are twice the size of the root ball of the vines and space them at least six feet apart. Place the vines in the holes and backfill with soil. Water the vines thoroughly and mulch around the base of the vine to protect the roots.

Once the vines are planted, it is important to provide consistent maintenance and care. Prune the vines in late winter or early spring to encourage new growth and remove any dead or diseased wood. During the growing season, water the vines deeply once a week to keep the soil moist. Provide the vines with a balanced fertilizer every spring to ensure healthy growth and development.

Finally, protect the vines from pests and diseases. Use a fungicide to treat powdery mildew, and apply an insecticide to control any pests that might affect the vines.

With the proper care and maintenance, Black Spanish grapes will produce an abundant crop of sweet, juicy grapes. By following these planting instructions, you can have a successful harvest of Black Spanish grapes for many years to come.

Grape Color Blue, Black
Primary Use Wine
Wine Color Red, Rosé
Variety Origin University of Arkansas
Zone Range: 7-10
Growth Habit Unknown
Suggested Distance Between Vines 6 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft
Vine Training System Unknown

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