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Growing Strawberry Plants Hydroponically

Written by Hand Picked Nursery Admin


Posted on October 13 2016

Growing Strawberry Plants Hydroponically

There are many forms of growing strawberry plants hydroponically. There are basically 6 variations that will include:

  • Wick
  • Water Culture
  • Ebb and Flow
  • Drip
  • NTF
  • Aeroponic

There are hundreds of variations to the above hydroponic systems out there. Please add your input to help others on specific systems. The key to planting strawberry plants hydroponically have a couple of factors:

  • Plant placement: The Strawberry plant has to important parts the roots and crown. Both of them should never be in standing water. I recommend cutting roots to about 2 inches. Then putting them in the medium you are using. The crowns do not need to be in the medium. The main killer of strawberry plant are root and crown rot. You will see growth within 3 days. If you do not there is something wrong.
  • Solution: pH range 5.5-6.0 for optimal results, up to 6.5, the three primary nutrients required by strawberries are Nitrogen, potassium ,phosphorous. Also, substantial amounts of calcium, magnesium and sulfur, are also needed, as well as hydrogen, carbon and oxygen you will naturally get through the air and water.
  • Growing Environment: Growing Strawberry plants hydroponically requires low humidity with good air flow because strawberry plants are prone to powdery mildew in high humidity environments. Temperatures should be around 65 - 75 degrees F with 12 to 16 hours of light is optimal.June bearer strawberry plants are not ideal for growing strawberry plants hydroponically. They have a shorter harvest time and would be a waste for your system.



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