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Our Veterans Guarantee

      Sorry they do not look well, please send pictures within 24 hours of receiving them to 919-696-0328 or email them to: Please take them out of the bag they came in, rinse and then take pictures. We request that you plant what you receive and give it a couple of weeks, but also send pictures of the planting. We are here to help and with the pictures, we can help with the planting. When reaching out immediately, we will reship replacements for free what doesn't survive. 

     We also guarantee our plants for 30 days from the day you receive them. You have to use our instructions and we welcome pictures of the planting (text "How does it look"). We are here to help you be successful. If you have questions about planting, do not hesitate to call. If things start to die, contact us immediately to help prevent others from dying. If none of this proves to be successful, we have no problem replacing it for free, we just ask you to cover shipping.

Common Questions about return policy:

     1.  Why only a 30 day guarantee?
    • Our plants are dormant or already growing. The plant will only take up to three weeks to start growing.
    • Strawberry plants only take 3 days to start growing.
    • All other dormant plants can take up to 3 weeks to show growth. 
            2. Why do I have to pay for shipping when it was free shipping? 
      • If you contact us about the quality of the plants within 24 hours as stated above. We will not charge shipping. 
      • We understand it takes both parties to be successful with growing your harvest. We guarantee to send healthy plants and stay in communication to help you be successful. We will always guarantee our plants and replace for free, but in order to keep our prices affordable, we ask you to cover shipping to help keep costs down for all.