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What type of soil is the best to use?

Great question. This depends on the type of plant you order. Every plant requires special care, and our instruction guide will inform you about what soil is the best for each individual plant, encouraging growth and health.

How much is shipping? 

We do not charge shipping. 

Can I move my plant, once I've planted it into the ground?

Plants can be moved and transferred 

My plant appears to be dead, do you offer refunds?

When you receive your item and you are not happy with what you see. Please send picture immediately to 919-696-0328 or email them too: We request that you plant what you receive and give it a couple of weeks. I a here to help and with the pictures I can help with the planting. 

If my plants never grow, do you have any guarantees? 

I guarantee our plants 30 days. But, you have to use our instructions. If you have questions about planting do not hesitate to call. If there is a problem with what you receive you must send picture immediately for the guarantee.  I will never hide from a sale. It is hard to guarantee a plant when there is no communication until weeks  after you receive your order. Just communicate any concerns immediately and use our instructions and our guarantee is the last thing you will be thinking about.  

How is my order shipped? 

We usually ship USPS and on certain occasions use FedEx. If you cannot receive an order a certain way please let us know. 

How long does shipping take?

We typically ship the next day. If you need a delay please put that in the instructions on the checkout page. 

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled but if it is shipped and on the way. I will have to charge a few to collect shipping and any plant lost during the return. I sell live plants and it is different than ordering a non living item with the standard restocking fee. 

The plant has mold, what do I do?

Mold is harmless and just needs to be rinsed off and planted. Please refer to the planting instructions for further help. But, you can always call for help. 919-696-0328

 I received a plant that has no leaves and looks dead?

We send plants that are dormant and it alive and just needs to be planted. We also will send an extra plant to help.

If the leaves on my plant are dying, what do I do?

Leaves during transit can sometimes dry up. It doesn't mean the plant is dead but it is stressed. It will need to be planted in a shady place with morning sun. Do not put it in direct sun, the plant is already stressed and full sun will not help. Also, take pictures immediately and send them too 919-696-0328. Remove any dead leaves with will help the plant regrow the leaves and it can take up to 3 weeks to do so. 

What if my trees are the wrong size? 

If the tree is not the correct size, it will usually be bigger than ordered. Plus, we send an extra tree. 

How much sunlight do my plants need?

Most plants need at least 5 to 6 hours of sunlight. But, when starting out plants direct sun when it is above 80 degrees can be deadly at first. Most plants at first just need a consistency with moisture and morning sun to get established. The feeder roots need to be established and putting them in a hot sunny spot at first can kill the plant. 

Can I send plants as a gift?

You can, we do not gift wrap plants and do not put in receipts or invoices. 

Do you ever offer discounts?

We offer a buy 3 items and receive 1 free item. We do not replace free items shipped. But, will replace for a $5.95 shipping charge.

Do you have any growing tips?

Most bare root plants need well draining soil. If it is hot do not plant in direct sun and must mulch the soil. For more detailed instructions please go to the specific plant instructions you purchased.