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About Us

Why leave your home to shop for overpriced plants, when you can stay home and plan your garden as you look out the window saving money, time, and gas? We make that possible.

At Hand Picked Nursery, we are a veteran-owned business that loves plants and want to bring our joy into your home. By offering you a wide selection of plants online, we reduce the hassle of going to the store, carting your plants around, making your car dirty, and taking up your valuable time.

We  specialize in a variety of plants and flowers for your home or business. We can customize your order as needed and can even make suggestions based on your individual needs! We value our customers and want to ensure your complete satisfaction with our plants; that’s why we always include an extra plant or even a unique and personalized plant bundle with your order.

Our Story

How It Started

Growing up I have always loved plants. I remember pinching off African violet leaves from plants and being amazed I could make new plants. I then experimented with every plant I could find. Orchids are one of the only plant still today I cannot keep alive. That is one reason I don't sell them.  

We come a military family, my grandfather, father and then me. As a family-run and veteran-owned business, we abide by the core values of honor, integrity and commitment. These values flow not only through our family, but through our business as well, and we take pride in knowing that each order is made fully to the customer’s satisfaction.

Where We Are Now

My love of plants has never stopped and actually like working in my bare feet because I love the feel of dirty on my feet. We created Hand Picked Nursery to share our love and passion to make sure that every plant we send out will make you believe we care. These plants at hand picked nursery are part of our family and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your plants in your home or your garden. So adopt your plant today.

Passionate about plants for as long as we can remember, we have long been amazed at how new plants are made. Experimenting with every plant we could find, and determined to try it all, Hand Picked Nursery was born, and our love for plants only continues to grow. Creating a business in order to share our love of plants, it's our guarantee that every plant we sell is grown with passion and care.

Founded with a strong military background of morals and beliefs, our family-owned business prides itself on honor, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to each and every one of our customers. Committed to ensuring your complete and total satisfaction, our goal is to make bringing our plants into your home exciting and fun, by nourishing a living thing and watching it flourish under your tender loving care. Specializing in all things plants, we customize your order to your needs and wants. If you’d like, we can even give you a few suggestions, designing the picture-perfect garden of your dreams.

When you shop with us, you aren't buying just any plant, you are adopting something magnificent. It’s the simple things in life that bring us the most joy, and we want to be a part of making your home beautifully alive with plant life.


Hand picked Nursery goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied with your adoption. I know that sounds funny, but think about it. It is a living thing that you bring into your home. We make sure you have every resource to help it grow and bring you and your family joy!

So,  here are all your needs to help your new family member to survive and flourish. Many websites make it so difficult to find ways to contact the company you are purchasing with. So here is a list of ways to contact us and find information or help to help your new family member. The list below are links


Hand Picked Nursery Plant Guarantee

We ensure a quality plant. We will also will put in an extra plant in all bundle orders. Hand picked nursery wants to make sure your harvest does well by putting in extra plants just case you loose a few.

Showing we care!

All we ask in return is to notify us immediately if there is a problem with what you received. If the plants do not look well send us a picture immediately to 919-696-0328. Please rinse them and send a picture of them seperated so we can see each plant.   Most sites make it a maze to find help. We want you to be able to get us when you need us.

So here it is again: 919-696-0328.

Because we care about you and our community!

With every purchase made, we donate a percentage to local gardening co-ops.  Also, let us help you help others. We want to help you raise money for what is dear to your heart. We specialize in plant fundraisers. Let us show you, how good we are!