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Think you’d fit into the Hand Picked Nursery family? We’d love to have you join the team! Passionate about plants and spreading the joy they bring, we invite you to be a part of our mission, and encourage you to apply.

Joining the Hand Picked Nursery teams means that you not only get to become a part of a quickly growing business, you get to be the reason that so many people have access to wonderful plants throughout the year. Providing you with all the training necessary to know the ins and outs of the business, you can build lasting relationships with individuals and host events, and have the chance to give back through one of our many non-profit fundraisers.

Dedicated to providing excellence, not only in our products, but in customer service as well, we take pride in what each one of our employees adds to our team. If you are interested in enhancing your knowledge about plants and becoming part of a living, fun, caring team, let us know! We would love to hear why you’d make the next great Hand Picked Nursery member.

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Perfect Products that everybody loves.

  • Perfectly positioned in a booming sector that is growing every year.
  • Products people are use and purchase yearly and for multiple season through the year. 

Getting a job with Dedicated Support

  • Business tools & training 24/7
  • Social media resources & your own business app

A Rewarding Lifestyle as an affiliate member

  • Time, freedom & financial security
  • Lasting relationships with people all around the world
  • Events & celebrations
  • The chance to give back.

We are dedicated to Schools and Non Profit Organizations

  • Let us help you reach your goals with your fundraising needs
  • A year round avenue of income with very little effort
  • Fundraising support with marketing marterial
  • 24/7 phone support to make sure everything runs smoothly
  • Reaching out to the community.

You set your own goals on your own schedule.

We give you exclusive products, being hired will give you expert training resources and pro marketing materials to build your business on your terms. Whether you’re looking to earn some part-time income or grow your operations on our global platform, Hand Picked Nursery provides a lucrative business opportunity for all types of direct sellers .

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