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Schools Need Support

Supporting much more than just plant growth

We are not just any ordinary nursery, we are Hand Picked Nursery. Offering you a wide selection of plants that have been seeded with love, our goal is to share our passion with you, giving you little piece of our heart. But that’s not all we aim to do. Passionate about spreading the love of plants to any and every one, we are also on a mission to support schools in need.

Working with the local non-profit, Schools Need Support, we help make it possible for kids to sell plants for profit, raising money for a variety of programs and the school itself. Working with individuals who are interested in fundraising, we teach children how to sell our plants while building their confidence and showing them what is possible through hard work and determination.

Whether parents are looking for a way for their child to raise money for school trips, or a school is looking for a way to increase their budget for certain programs, the sale and proceeds of our plants has allowed us to work with our community, improving education and benefiting schools in a variety of ways.

Encouraging others to support local fundraising, we invite you to take a look at our partner program and contact us with any questions. For more information about how you could join our mission, visit Schools Need Support and get in touch with one of our experienced growers today.