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Raspberry planting for Early Spring and Summer! Double what you received!

Written by Hand Picked Nursery Admin


Posted on January 27 2020

When receiving Raspberry and Blackberry plants the most important thing is to give the plant consistent warmth, drainage and moisture levels.

When you first receive them I would have a 1 gallon container for each plant and make sure you mix 30% sand into the soil to help with the drainage. Make sure to fill the 1 gallon and not just have it half full. It is harder to maintain consistent moisture when you have little soil. Put mulch on top of that to help keep moisture in the top inch of soil also. Then put near a window inside a place that is above 65 degrees with good light and air flow. This will give you a head start for the season.

Plants should be spaced 18-24" apart.
Rows should be 8'-12' apart.

After 6-8 weeks, new canes will grow up from the roots.

When planting becomes mature, cut or mow any canes that grow outside of the original two foot wide row.

ADDED BONUS: Cut 3 inches off the top of each stalk and put in a small pot with the same kind of soil. Have the stalks half in the soil and put a big plastic bag over it see picture. Water well and then put near the window to let the sun warm up your new mini greenhouse. This will give you possibly double the plants you ordered.

What Not to do:

* Do not put in pure potting soil or add per lite or peat moss. PH has to be around 6.5 and 6.8. Adding Peat moss will lower it and damage and stress the plant.

* Do not put the plants into a container half full with soil ( 5 gallon bucket) and put in the garage.

* Do not plant outside in full sun, especially when it is hot. This will dry out the stalk and stress the plant.

*Do not forget to mulch the top of the soil. If you plant it in containers or the ground the top inch of soil can dry out fast and kill the plant.

The plants just needs a place with humidity,warmth, well draining soil, mulch on top and sun light from a window or morning or late afternoon sun. If you have any questions just call so I can help. 919-696-0328



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