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Carolina Pineberrry Strawberry plants

White Carolina Pineberries have a white to pale pink color that makes an interesting choice of fruit. Produces a delicious, unique flavor that’s a blend of pineapple and strawberry! They are easy to grow with the correct growing conditions. Plant with an everbearing red strawberry like Eversweet for best performance.

Prepare for planting

The best time to plant these varieties is during March or April in sub-tropical areas and June or July for colder climates. They like areas in full sun with well-drained soil.

Enrich your garden bed before planting by digging cow manure into the soil. To assist drainage, mound the soil into rows about 30cm apart.

How to plant

Plant your strawberries about 30cm apart in the mounded rows. This will avoid crowding the plants and will prevent fungal growth and insect attacks. The Pineberry and Strawberry require a pollinator of a red strawberry near them to fruit. The packs available at Bunnings include the pollinator and the Bumble bees can also be used to pollinate the Pineberry and Strawberry.

Make sure the tops of the roots are at soil level and the plant is not buried too deep. After planting, mulch to control weeds and prevent the fruit from touching the soil and spoiling.


Water the strawberries well when planting. To get the most succulent fruit, ensure the soil is kept moist and does not dry out, especially during their growing season in spring. Strawberries don't like wet leaves, so installing a drip irrigation system is worthwhile to deliver water straight to the roots. You'll also use less water. Put it on a timer switch and you won't have to worry about remembering to water.


To feed your strawberries, use a fertilizer high in potassium and apply as directed on the packaging.