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Nature Trail Fun - Volunteer Opportunity


We have over a mile of botanical/exercise trails! The plants along our trail are ornamental, functional, and produce producing! Our trails are becoming more and more beautiful by the day, however, maintenance and planting are quite the task. We love tending to our trails and its various planted areas, but its a big job on a big property!

The opportunity to work on our trail is more than just general maintenance and mundane planting. You will have an opportunity to learn more about plants and add your flare to the mix!

Some days may even be totally different and could include aiding in a new building project for example. 

We ultimately want to create a fun and open learning environment for our volunteers to grow and be apart of!

Some exciting key elements of our trails include:

  • Ponds, creeks, and other water features
  • Ducks
  • Seating areas and pergolas
  • Craft soda and ice cream bar
  • Many different types of plants

Volunteer now!