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Nursery Journey - Volunteer Opportunity

Our plant retail area at Hand Picked Nursery spans about five acres total and includes seven total greenhouses! The functions of these individual greenhouses are:
  • Two greenhouses are dedicated to succulents and cacti
  • One is house plants and tropicals
  • One is for growing
  • Our largest is our main retail greenhouse
  • Our seconds largest is filled with hydroponic towers dedicated to a unique way of produce picking
  • Lastly one is under development for tropicals and koi

In addition to our village of greenhouses, our retail area is set up to host a myriad of other plants. We have shaded areas, hoop houses, and other retail dedicated spaces for our plants and products. We even have commercial fish tanks we plan to use soon!

As you can imagine, this is a very fun and engaging part of Hand Picked Nursery, but requires lots of maintenance and care. The ideas are limitless and forever growing, and we want the community to be apart of it!

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and be hands on with various different aspects of agriculture not seen anywhere else locally. It is truly an unique experience. 

Volunteer now!