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Tulip Long-lasting 'Fire Glow Mix' Size 12/+ cm - Buy 4 sets Get 1 set for free - Free Fertilizer Boost included

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Tulip Long-lasting 'Fire Glow Mix'

If you're seeking a tulip variety that sets your garden ablaze with vibrant colors and embodies the spirit of spring, the Tulip Long-lasting 'Fire Glow Mix' is the perfect choice. Explore the captivating history of this fiery blend and discover how it has been lighting up gardens with its dazzling charm for generations.

Product Description:

  • Variety: Tulip Long-lasting 'Fire Glow Mix'
  • Blossom Type: This mix features a captivating assortment of tulip varieties, each with its unique shape and color, creating a fiery and dynamic display of springtime beauty.
  • Blossom Colors: Immerse yourself in a fiery palette of red, orange, and yellow hues, symbolizing warmth, energy, and the essence of spring.
  • Bulb Size: The bulbs within this mix are substantial, measuring 12/+ cm, ensuring robust growth and a profusion of brilliant blooms.
  • Height: The mix includes tulips of varying heights, ranging from 12 to 18 inches (30-45 cm), adding depth and visual impact to your garden.
  • Bloom Time: 'Fire Glow Mix' bursts into bloom in mid-spring, infusing your garden with an irresistible fiery brilliance.
  • Hardiness Zone: This mix is adaptable to USDA hardiness zones 3-8, making it suitable for gardeners in a wide range of climates.
  • Lifespan: With proper care, Tulip Long-lasting 'Fire Glow Mix' returns year after year, adding enduring charm and fiery brilliance to your garden.
  • History and Heritage: Tulip Long-lasting 'Fire Glow Mix' embodies the spirit of spring's fiery energy and the timeless allure of tulips.
  • A Blaze of Brilliance: This mix is aptly named 'Fire Glow Mix' to capture the brilliance and fiery energy that tulips bring to a garden. Its red, orange, and yellow hues mirror the warmth and vitality of spring.
  • Modern Enthusiasm: Today, the 'Fire Glow Mix' continues to captivate gardeners who appreciate the dazzling brilliance of spring blooms. Its dynamic colors and diverse forms make it a favored choice for gardens, events, and floral arrangements that radiate energy and beauty.
  • Cultural Significance: The red, orange, and yellow color palette symbolizes warmth, energy, and the celebration of life's vibrancy. 'Fire Glow Mix' tulips, with their captivating and fiery appearance, evoke an aura of enthusiasm and the enduring allure of nature.

Planting Tulip Long-lasting 'Fire Glow Mix' in your garden is an invitation to celebrate the brilliance and energy of spring. Its adaptability, fiery colors, and rich history ensure it remains a cherished favorite for gardeners seeking to infuse their outdoor space with a burst of vibrant brilliance. Welcome this dynamic mix into your garden and let it transform your outdoor space into a fiery spectacle of energy and beauty, reminiscent of the dynamic vitality that nature offers each spring.