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Desert Rose (Adenium obesum) Succulent

Written by Reinhart Elboeck


Posted on February 23 2022

Desert Rose

About Me

Native to the Arabian Peninsula! I thrive in consistently warmer temperatures, that being said I am very sensitive to cold and frosty conditions. So please keep me in a nice warm spot indoors during the fall and winter months. My unique physique is my most notable feature, as I am one of the few succulents that grow a tree-like trunk. 

Other Names Sabi Star, Mock Azalea, Impala Lily
Country Of Origin Arabian Peninsula
Maintenance Level Low
Water Use the Soak & Dry method. Do not overwater. Only water when soil feels dry.
Sunlight Full Sunlight. At least 5-6 hours per day.
Soil Well Draining soil mix. Best mix ratio is ⅔ Cactus mix soil, and ⅓ perlite or coarse sand. Sandbox sand can be used to mix!
Temperature 70°F - 100°F
Plant Family Apocynaceae
Planting Zone 11A - 12B
Bloom Color  Pink, Red or Rose