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Madagascar Palm

Written by Reinhart Elboeck


Posted on January 31 2022

Madagascar Palm

About Me!

Native to southern Madagascar! I am not actually related to true palm trees at all, I am more like a succulent-shrub. Easy to care for, I work well as an indoor plant during the colder months. Be aware that my sap can be toxic to children and pets. So keep an eye on your little friends so they do not run into me!

Other Names Madagascar Cactus, Club Foot
Country of Origin Southern Madagascar
Maintenance Level Low
Water Keep soil moist but not soaked, only water when top portion is fully dry. Avoid watering in winter and summer. 
Sunlight Full sun
Soil Well Draining Soil, mixture of cactus soil and sand
Temperature 40-50F
Planting Zone 9A-11B
Bloom Color White, Yellow, Red, Pink