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Sedum Hernandezii

Written by Reinhart Elboeck


Posted on January 31 2022

Sedum Hernandezii

About Me!

Native to Mexico, if you're looking for a plant to add interest that requires minimum TLC then I may just be the plant for you! My leaves are a gorgeous emerald green color and round in shape. I can thrive in very rigid conditions, so if there is a spot in your garden that gets a little too much sun, consider making it my new home!

Other Names Jelly Bean Sedum, Stonecrop
Country of Origin  Mexico
Maintenance Level Low
Water Keep soil moist, but do not overwater. Try using "Soak and dry" method.
Sunlight Full sun
Soil Well Draining Soil, mixture of cactus soil and sand
Temperature 20-50F
Planting Zone 9a-11b
Bloom Color Star shaped yellow flowers bloom in winter and spring