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Alocasia Cucullata

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The Alocasia "Cucullata" is also known as the Buddha Palm Plant. It has slender stems and develops large heart shaped leaves that are dark green and glossy with prominent veins. Typically the foliage is very dense on the Alocasia Cucullata. This Elephant Ear does well as house plant as long as it receives ample sun or outdoors in partially shaded areas. If you keep your Elephant Ear outdoors, make sure to bring them in before the first frost date! 

Alocasia need well draining and slightly acidic soil. Using a mix of a good potting soil and add in extra perlite (about 5% of your mix) and/or a healthy dose of orchid bark

Alocasia Metalhead Specifications:

Our Metalhead Alocasia come as the size shown in the photos.

  • Zone: 9-11
  • Full Grown Height: 5 feet is most common, up to 13 feet is possible!
  • Sun: Part Shade or Full Sun (indoor or full-grown plants only)
  • Water: Medium