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1 Earliblue Northern Highbush Blueberry, 1 gallon SIZED PLANT Ship Bare Root 10" to 12" in size! -Buy 3 Sets & Get 1 Free-2 year old plant

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Early Blue Blueberry es una variedad de maduración temprana que produce bayas grandes, celestes y de sabor dulce que cuelgan en racimos medianos desde principios de julio. Cuando se cultiva con variedades de fructificación tardía, Blueberry 'Early blue' puede extender la temporada de fructificación por varias semanas. Este sustancioso arbusto de arándanos también es un arbusto atractivo para el patio o las fronteras ácidas, con masas de flores blancas cremosas dulcemente perfumadas en primavera y un ardiente follaje otoñal carmesí.

Blueberries require acid soil with high organic matter content. Good drainage is essential as blueberries’ shallow fibrous roots are easily starved for oxygen. However, blueberries are not tolerant of drought conditions and need to be kept moist. They will produce best in a sunny location. Three types of blueberries can be grown in Iowa (or Vermont); Highbush, Half-high and Lowbush. Plant multiple cultivars (cultivated varieties) within 5 feet of each other. Even though blueberry cultivars are self fertile, cross-pollination produces larger berries. Cultivars ripen at different times so you can lengthen the harvest season by planting a selection.

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