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1 Gallon Potted Golden Raspberry Plant - NON GMO - Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

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They need humidity from the start. The stalk will die and then you have a 50/50 shot of them growing from the ground. I would now cut them 1" from the soil and put something like this around them. Take the cuttings and also do the same with them all in one container. Our Youtube video shows you how to create extra plants from the cuttings. Give them two weeks with the new set up. Do not let the humidity barrier to fog up or get real wet inside. This will cook your plant. Just create bigger holes at the top until you get that balance. It has to be a big container around it. Not a 16 oz plastic bottle. I hope this helps.  Just give it a couple of weeks. 

Golden raspberries (Rubus idaeus 'Aureus') are a delightful variation of the traditional red raspberry, prized for their golden-yellow color and sweet flavor. They require similar care to red raspberries but have unique characteristics that make them an attractive addition to any garden. Here are detailed planting instructions and a description to help you grow golden raspberries successfully:

Description of Golden Raspberry Plants:

Appearance: Golden raspberry plants are deciduous shrubs that typically grow 4-6 feet tall and wide. They have upright canes that are covered in prickles (thorns) and distinctive golden-yellow foliage. The leaves are usually 3-5 lobed, similar to other raspberry varieties.

Fruit: The berries of golden raspberries are medium-sized and have a beautiful golden-yellow color when ripe. They are sweeter and less tart than red raspberries, making them a favorite for fresh eating and desserts.

Growth Habit: Golden raspberries are perennial plants that produce fruit on second-year canes. New canes (primocanes) grow each year, and these will bear fruit the following summer on the floricanes that have overwintered.
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