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25-Strawberry Plant- Variety Pack- Non GMO- ( Honeoye, Sparkle, Seascape, Albion, and San Andreas) 5 each

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Enjoy a variety pack of strawberry plants you will have strawberry all year long with a variety of two June bearing and three everbearing varieties. From the very large to the sweetest you can grow, and you will receive 5 plants of each variety totaling 25 plants. They can be planted at the same time.

5 Honeoye strawberry plant is from the Cornell Research Station, Geneva, NY, and has been a top variety for over 30 years. It combines winter hardiness, high productivity, good appearance, and color, together with an excellent, firm, large-sized berry. The large berries are easy to pick, and produce high yields over a long fruiting season, making it our most consistent berry producer. Home gardeners will also appreciate its excellent freezing quality. Optimum flavor is produced by growing this variety in medium to light soil. Honeoye is a vigorous plant with no soil-disease resistance. 

5 Sparkle is the best strawberry for jam and freezing. Sparkle has been known for flavorful, high-quality, attractive fruit for over 60 years. You will be rewarded with a nice crop of tasty, medium-sized berries by not allowing the bed to become too thick. An extremely vigorous variety, Sparkle is an excellent choice for home gardeners and pick-your-own operations in northern climates. Heirloom quality - recommended for beginners.

5 San Andreas strawberry is a moderate day-neutral with a production pattern similar to Albion. Plant vigor for San Andreas is somewhat higher than for Albion early in the season, but berry size throughout the fruiting season is similar to Albion.  The fruit color for San Andreas is slightly lighter than for Albion, and it has similar post-harvest characteristics. The flavor of San Andreas is very good, and it also shows good disease resistance.

5 Albion Albion strawberries are a recently developed variety from California. Plants produce large, conical berries throughout the season. They are everbearing and will hold up especially well in long, hot summers while enduring and producing until late in the fall. Albion is a popular variety for home gardeners due to the bounty of red flavorful berries and its ease of care and growth.

5 Seascape was released by the University of California breeding program in 1992. This day-neutral has been successful for north eastern growers for summer and fall production.  The plants have the potential to be the most productive of any day-neutral.  The berries are large, firm and have good flavor when picked ripe from the plant.  Seascape is considered by our customers to have the best flavor of any of our everbearers.

You will receive instructions how to plant and be successful. I also give you a number to call and get a real person.