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Ficus Tineke - "Variegated Rubber Plant"

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The Ficus Tineke, also sometimes known as the "Variegated Rubber Plant" is a tropical house plant that makes a statement! This Ficus variety has striking tones of pink, red, and white around the green center of its leaf.

Although it is most commonly a house plant, you can grow them outdoors if your environment stays warm and humid throughout the year. If you do happen to plant outdoors, just be aware that under these conditions, it will grow fast and quickly spread its roots.

Ficus Tineke Sun

Ficus make a great beginner/low maintenance house plant. This variety does best in an east facing window. They can also be placed a bit farther away from a south facing window that will receive more sunlight. Too much sunlight indoors is possible and can even scorch the foliage. Too little light however will cause lengthy growth and loss of the colorful hues in the leaves. Striking the balance here is not tough, but worth keeping an eye on. 

Variegated Rubber Plant Soil

Ficus are not too picky about their soil, but a slightly acidic well draining soil is definitely recommended. A good potting soil will do. For the healthiest Ficus though, adding perlite, cactus mix, or orchid bark are all good options. 


Watering your Ficus Tineke is also low maintenance. Allowing the top few inches to dry out in between watering is ok. Generally watering once a week is sufficient. Over watering does risk root rot. 

Ficus Tineke Specifications

  • Plant Type: Tree, Perennial
  • Mature Size: 2-10 Feet Indoors, 30 Feet Outdoors
  • Sun: Partial Sun
  • Soil Type: Well Draining
  • Soil PH: Acidic-Neutral
  • Hardiness Zones: 10-12