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Hand Picked Nursery - Live Yambu Strawberry Plugs - June Bearing Strawberry Plants for the Garden or Hydroponic System!

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Yambu was released by Fresh Forward in the Netherlands and bred by Burt Meulenbroek. Yambu is an early mid-season variety, ripening similar season to Honeoye, one of its parents. Plants are very vigorous with dark green color and we have not experienced foliage disease pressure to this point. Yambu has no special nutrient requirements. Fruits are bright red color, attractive, with uniform shape and glossy skin. Yambu fruits for a long season and has shown to be very productive. 

The flavor is excellent with a very sweet taste. We selected Yambu from our variety trials after testing it for two years. We fruited a block of Yambu in 2017 and experienced continued success. We sent a grower survey to growers who also fruited Yambu in 2017 and they reported back very positive results on its performance. Growers indicated that they would plant it again. We highly recommend Yambu be planted when good plant vigor and excellent flavor is required!
Strawberry Plugs
June bearing Allstar Strawberry Plants
High Yielder
Established Root System
Will Grow in all USDA Zones Following our Planting Instructions
Disease Resistant to Verticillium, Phytophthora, Crown Rot, and partially resistant to Anthracnose Crown Rot

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