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Succulent and Cacti Cuttings - Assorted Varieties - Colorful indoor décor live succulent plant clippings - FREE Shipping!

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Variety of rare and unique cacti and succulent cuttings. Cuttings range from echeveria, agave, cactaceae, stonecrop, crassulaceae, aloe, haworthia, euphorbia, stone plants, bromeliads, mammillaria, and MANY more! Succulents and cacti come in a random assortment of the selected quantity.
Here is a small list of varieties you may get (but are not limited to)

Sedum nussbaumerianum - "Coppertone Sedum"
Zebra Haworthia "Zebra Plant"
Crassula Ovata "Jade Plant"
Euphorbia Millii "Crown of Thorns"
Sedum Hernandezii
Ceropegia Woodii "String of Hearts"
Haworthia Coarctata
Othonna Capensis "Ruby Necklace"
Callisia Repens "Pink Lady"
Kalanchoe Daigremontianum "Mother of Thousands"
Sedum Morganianum "Baby Burro's Tail"
Senecio Peregrinus "String of Dolphins"
Euphorbia Anoplia "Tanzanian Zipper"
Senecio Radicans "String of Bananas"
Salicornia "Glasswort"
Cryptanthus Bivittatus Pink
Cryptanthus Earth Star
Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri "Donkey Ear"
Senecio Rowleyanus "String of Pearls"
And more!!


To plant cuttings, make sure that you have enough of the stem to plant beneath the soil to support the plant. Remove any extra leaves from the bottom of the stem. For large cuttings, about an inch of bare stem is fine. Ensure that the bottom of the cutting has been dried out and formed a "callous". Plant succulents in a well draining potting soil mixture, adding small stones to help with drainage. Plant about 1" deep in the soil and watch your new baby cacti and succulents grow flourish!

All plants are handpicked with care to ensure only the best plants make it to your door! Please monitor your email so you will know as soon as your plants are delivered to you. Succulents may arrive slightly dull in color due to shipping, so do allow them time to adjust and get comfortable in their new home :)