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Plant's are shipped while dormant, and will arrive bare root with soil :)

Offer applies to any variety of the plant as long as the amount is the same. If you would like a specific variety as your free bundle please leave us a note at checkout.

Discover the revolutionary Shekinah 'Tahi' Black Raspberry Plant, a true horticultural marvel bred at Shekinah Berry in Auckland, New Zealand. This plant proudly stands as the world's first completely spineless black raspberry variety, a significant breakthrough in berry cultivation. The name 'Tahi,' which translates to 'Number One' in Māori, aptly reflects its premier status. Unlike traditional spiny black raspberry cultivars, the Shekinah 'Tahi' exhibits a vigorous and more upright growth, making it a standout addition to any garden with its ease of maintenance and aesthetic appeal.

The Shekinah 'Tahi' mirrors the harvest season of the well-known Jewel variety, ensuring a generous yield of fruit. Each berry is a delight, large in size, weighing up to 4.5 grams, and characterized by a rich, deep black hue. The berries possess a medium firm texture, ideal for a range of culinary uses, from fresh consumption to delectable preserves. While the tightly clustered arrangement of the fruit might pose a slight challenge for early picking, this is greatly offset by the plant's spineless nature. This key feature simplifies the harvesting and pruning process, making it a less daunting task compared to traditional varieties. The Shekinah 'Tahi' is not just a plant; it's a testament to innovative cultivation, offering gardeners a unique, hassle-free experience in growing and enjoying luscious black raspberries.

We recommend spacing these plants 5 - 6' apart to ensure room for growth.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Please let us know immediately upon arrival if you have any questions about your order, we are here to help you through your growing journey! :)

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