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Bunny Ear Cacti

Written by Reinhart Elboeck


Posted on February 18 2022

Bunny Ear

About Me

Native to Mexico! My leaves bear a striking resemblance to bunny ears, hence the name. While I may look very cute and cuddly I must advise against cuddling me! The little dots all over me are actually clusters of tiny spikes that an get lodged in the surface of skin. So be sure to take extra care when handling me, and wear gloves.

 Other Names Angel's Wings, Polka Dot Cactus
Country of Origin Mexico
Maintenance Level Low
Water Can use "soak and dry method" make sure to not overwater
Sunlight Full sun, at least 5-6 hours per day
Soil Well-draining soil, adding either perlite or sand
Temperature 70-100F
Plant Family Cactaceae
Planting Zone 9A-11B
Bloom Color Yellow or white