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Crown Of Thorns (Euphorbia Milii)

Written by Reinhart Elboeck


Posted on February 23 2022

Crown Of Thorns

About Me

Native to Madagascar, I am highly adaptable and can thrive both as an indoor plant AND an outdoor plant. I grow beautiful green leaves, and vibrant flower blossoms that can bloom year round! Beware, If one of my thorns, or a stem is broken take care not to touch the sap. Contact with sap may cause skin and eye irritation, so exercise caution when I am around children and animals!

Other Names Christ Plant, Christ Thorn
Country Of Origin Madagascar
Maintenance Level Low
Water  Water only when the top 1in of soil is dry, Avoid overwatering. Ensure water does not collect at roots.
Sunlight Full Sun for 3-4 hours daily. Can be direct sunlight

Well Draining. Best mix ratio is ⅔ Cactus mix soil, and ⅓ perlite or coarse sand. Sandbox sand can be used to mix! pH Neutral to Acidic.

Temperature 65°F - 75°F
Plant Family Euphorbiaceae
Planting Zone 9B - 11B
 Bloom Color Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow or White