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Notocactus (Uebelmannianus)

Written by Reinhart Elboeck


Posted on January 31 2022

Notocactus (Uebelmannianus)

About Me!

Native to South America! The Notocactus is one of the the largest species of cacti-succulents. I am moderately frost tolerant so I am okay to stay outside some mornings. My deep green color makes me perfect for decorative planter pot assortments, and in the spring I bloom gorgeous and bright pink blossoms. 

Other Names Southern Cactus
Country of Origin South America
Maintenance Level Low
Water Keep soil moist, but do not overwater. Try using "Soak and dry" method. Allow soil to dry out between watering's.
Sunlight Medium to full sunlight
Soil Well draining with a mix of cactus soil and sand
Temperature 25-55F
Planting Zone 9b-10b
Bloom Color Bright pink with yellow center